Our new Neighborlytics DaaS (data as a service), powered by Snowflake, is now available! This exciting capability provides organizations with a suite of analytics tools to analyze their data, make more informed decisions and share insights on their program results.

With Neighborlytics DaaS, you get the storytelling and data visualization tools to truly understand the impact your organization has on your community:

Follow the money: from amount per zip code to case status with time spent in each stage, you can track your disbursements from start to finish

Maximize your budget: by filtering requested, approved, and disbursed amounts by budget category, you can connect and analyze the entire landscape of your program funding

Make your data actionable: stream analytics in near real-time and use insights from your data to guide your strategy

Provide complete transparency and publish your interactive data visualizations to the web

Show disbursed amount by race, gender, and ethnicity

View reports filtered by location, case manager, case status, date, funding source, and use of funds

Simplify and automate the way you receive information

Find answers fast and take your organization from reactive to proactive on a more secure platform

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