We can’t unveil the full details just yet, but we can say that in the coming weeks, we’re launching our new Housing Choice Voucher SaaS solution!

What prompted us to expand our program suite you may ask? First, we started with questions about existing Housing Choice Voucher software in the marketplace:

  • Why is it so difficult to navigate?
  • Shouldn’t data reporting be straightforward?
  • Why should HCV stakeholders need to email or call staff for basic information?
  • Why is the pricing so complicated?

We noticed the “Big Box” Housing Choice Voucher solutions take a one-size fits all approach, which caters to the largest property management companies and housing authorities. This leaves small and mid-size housing authorities force-fitting their programs into overly complicated and expensive systems that don’t fit their specific needs.

We saw the urgent need and have built a Housing Choice Voucher solution that provides a fresh approach to the marketplace, giving small and mid-size housing authorities the functionality they need in the modern, intuitive platform they want.

Want early access? Sign up here

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